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January 2011

La Fenice

Venice Opera

DSC02376.jpgIn John Berendt’s book The City of Falling Angels he writes about the mysterious fire that destroyed La Fenice opera house and nearly destroyed all of Venice. I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to see an opera while I was in Venice and see the magnificent renovation. La Fenice is a golden, sparkling treasure. If you go, be sure you are a buying a seat where you can see the stage. In Italian opera houses, many seats are available where you can’t see without standing and leaning over. It’s kind of like parts of Yankee Stadium. Buyer Beware!
This banner was hanging outside when I visited. DSC02373.jpg Anyone knowing what it means, please comment.


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The Hidden Nest: Venice

Searching for John Berendt

John Berendt is one of my favorite writers. No trip to Venice would be complete without searching out the places he describes in his book The City of Falling Angels. One of my destinations was to find "The Hidden Nest"; home to the writer Ezra Pound and his lover Olga Rudge. This was not as easy as it sounds. The address is 252 Calle Querini near Rio Fornace canal on Dorsoduro. I strolled the main street next to the canal taking in the sights as I walked. The narrow Calle Querini was difficult to find. It was indeed hidden.

Read Berendt's book. It is rich, wonderful, and filled with stories about Venice and Venetians.





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Venice: Shopping

Italian shopping at its best

Although it's not known as a shopping mecca, Venice is still part of Italy. Shopping anywhere in Italy is an experience not to be missed or overlooked. Okay, much of my shopping consists of window shopping ("licking the window" is an apt phrase although French, not Italian it still applies). The window displays are sometimes enough to statisfy me. For example, these stunning glasses: DSC02393.jpg If I owned them, I'd be terrified of breaking one. So I am completely content to ogle them in the window.

DSC02394.jpg I am also elated to gaze at the windows at any of the Venezia Stadium stores. Look at these colors! Look at these fabrics! One pillow can cost 75 euros! I'd be terrified to own anything that came from these stores. Even if I could afford them. DSC02390.jpg

Of course, shopping makes me hungry so I have to stop and have some bruschetta and vino while being serenaded on San Marco Piazza.


But my all time favorite non-purchase were the tiny figures that are as big as my thumbnail. I stood transfixed forever watching these "Tiny Dancers."

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