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April 2009

Spanish Cats

A poem written in Majorca

099.jpgSpain_II_037.jpgWhen I was in Deia, Majorica a few months ago, there were a surprising number of village cats. Deia was lovely and an inspiring place to write. I wrote some poetry, as I often do when I travel. Here is my cat poem:

Spanish Cats

In Deia
Spanish cats wander.
Black, calico,
amber, brown,
black and white;
One with piercing green eyes.
pauses a moment to gaze on an intruder.
She approaches as cats do.
Warily, as though it doesn’t matter
if I acknowledge her.
Aloof, indifferent, defensive.
Ah! But those eyes betray.
I reach out to touch her;
she arches slightly,
her pleasure nearly imperceptible.
I see it.
Few others would.
You need to be paying attention.
Or else,
you must be that cat.

Feb. 2009

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Mallorcan Almonds: Fish Recipe

Almond Crusted Fish Recipe Mallorca

094.jpg063.jpgI was lucky enough to be in Majorca when the almond trees are in bloom. These lovely white flowers (photo taken by my friend Liz) were everywhere and so were almonds. Here is my favorite fish recipe. You can use other nuts (walnuts are fine) for the crust, but almonds work really well. Although we can't get Mallorcan almonds, luckily almonds are readily available here in the US all year long.

Perfect Simple Almond-Crusted Fish Recipe

2 egg whites or the equivalent (I buy the kind in a container so I don't waste eggs)

1 teaspoon kosher salt

1 cup breadcrumbs

1 cup chopped almonds

1 teaspoon chopped fresh parsley

zest of one lemon, and the juice of 1 small lemon

2 teaspoons cornstarch

pepper to taste

olive oil

1 to 1 1/4 pounds of filet (lighter fish work best for this recipe-halibut, monkfish, even red snapper; whatever is firm and fresh)

pre-heat oven to 350 degrees

Blend egg whites, cornstarch, lemon juice in a small bowl.

Combine zest, bread crumbs, almonds, parsley, salt and pepper in a bowl or pan big enough to put the filets. Dip each filet into the egg mixture. Coat both sides. Then dip into the bread crumb mixture. SET ASIDE for a few minutes to allow the coating to set.

Meanwhile, heat the olive oil in a big pan. When the oil is hot, saute each piece of fish on both sides until brown. A minute or two on each side is perfect. Remove and put the fish on a baking sheet covered lightly with oil. Drizzle the tops with oil lightly and bake for 17 to twenty minutes until the fish is crispy and brown on the outside and light and flaky on the inside.

Serves 3 or 4 depending on your side dishes.

As a vegetable, serve with asparagus topped with (what else?) slivered ALMONDS.

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NY Times, Healthy Eating, and Jersey Girls

Eat Local

One last point on the way we grow (euphemism for manufacture) food and food products in the US. When animals are raised in controlled --and often deplorable--conditions, we get what we get: Steroid-filled beef, tasteless pork, pesticide-riddled vegies.

Our laws limit us from importing meat products from Spain and Italy (less so, but still) not to protect us, but to protect the economy. Well, that's worked really well, hasn't it? And as for protecting us, in the past year we've had homegrown tainted pistachios, peanuts, spinach, well...you get the idea.

We need to at least try to eat seasonally, locally and organically; raise our beef and pork naturally and with natural feed. So, if there is somewhat less available and more quality would that be such a travesty??? Would we need to use as much energy if we stopped shipping tomatoes from California to New York? They're usually tasteless anyway. Me? I'll wait for summer and those gorgeous Jersey Girls. Being a Jersey girl myself, I may be somewhat biased.

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New York Times Pork Products Revisited!

Why Don't We Import Pork Products from Spain and Italy?

DSC00127.jpgDSC00127.jpgDSC00127.jpgA few days ago I blogged about an article on Free-Range Trichinosis

By JAMES E. McWILLIAMS in the NY Times. Well, well, well. Look at this addendum:

"Editors' Note: April 14, 2009
An Op-Ed article last Friday, about pork, neglected to disclose the source of the financing for a study finding that free-range pigs were more likely than confined pigs to test positive for exposure to certain pathogens. The study was financed by the National Pork Board."

Ha. Do you think the only reason we don't get great piggies is health? Ha! again, at the risk of being redundant. Do I sense a conspiracy on the part of the American Pork Board? Perhaps, if they focussed more on quality than on making money, they wouldn't have to worry about free-range products. Ya think? oink oink.

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The Contessa's Vineyard

Screenplay set in Tuscany replete with pork products, wine, wild boar and more!

Picture_003.jpgThis is the setting of my screenplay The Contessa's Vineyard. It's a romantic comedy about a twenty-something New Yorker who loses her father, her job, her apartment and her so-called boyfriend in the span of a few weeks. She flees to a writers' retreat in Tuscany to complete her novel. There she discovers wild boar, two tempting men, an array of quirky writers, and finally, her voice.

I am applying to the Sundance Lab for screenwriters if I can ever finish my cover letter and application. I've already submitted the script to a few places and I got decent feedback. Although, they think it needs more conflict. It's a romantic comedy...not Indiana Jones. I think I'm better at screenwriting than at novels. My story ideas are good...my novel writing tends to include too much description. In screenwriting, the description is in the visuals (notice the photo!).

If my script ever makes it to the screen, I want to be on set as a consultant. Do you blame me?

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