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A Month in Paris in Winter

Day 8: French fries

I haven't eaten French fries in the US since the government (or whoever) decided they should be "healthy." Meaning fries are no longer deep fried until they are greasy and wonderful and--perish the thought of sodium--they are no longer salted. I don't understand how these are "healthy" since they are made from white potatoes and have essentially no nutritional value. So the only thing accomplished was to killed the deliciousness of a French fry. And since they're not fried, the name French fry is a misnomer . They are baked, bland, and boring.

I have tried to explain to my children what they are missing when eating today's fries. I haven't been too successful. How can you explain an old school taste experience they have never had? One of life's pleasures when I was very young was going to McDonald's and having a milkshake and fries. The greasy, salty fries were so good you never wanted to reach the bottom of the bag. The shake was so thick you had to eat it with a spoon and it always caused brain freeze. I haven't been to a McD's since...well...when did they stop deep frying their fries and start baking them?

Today, in Paris, I ordered beef and a salad and it came with French fries. I almost told them to hold the fries, since that is what I do at home. But that was way too much French for me to handle, so the fries came my way.

Somehow, the moment I saw them I just knew. They came in a miniature deep frying basket and had the deep color of crisp. I feared I was wrong, but I tasted one. Oh heavenly, deep-fried, salty deliciousness! This was the real deal. You have to love the French for clinging to their unhealthy ways. I certainly love their French fries.

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