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A Month in Paris in Winter

Day 6: Liberte, egalite, fraternite ou la mort

81B7FAB2B48FA27E10E54BA42ECEB3EF.jpgThere are a million people in the streets of Paris marching and singing in the name of liberte, eqalite & fraternite. There is a heavy police and military presence.

One reason I love travel is how it has broadened my understanding of history and of events I had read about in dry books, or heard about in dusty lectures by pompous professors. The French fought wars for the values they cherish. Today they are fighting a different kind of war, as we all are. An elusive war, not over land or territory or even freedom or religion. We are all fighting, it seems, for the right to live our lives in peace without fear of terrorism and irrational violence. The "enemy" doesn't wear a uniform or any identifiable sign.

It's so different to be in a place where so much history has occurred and is now occurring in real time. Studying about the French Revolution meant little to me. Standing in places where it took place brings it to life and makes it real. Kings and Queens lived here. People rebelled for causes that were comprehensible. The French fought in two world wars to protect their country and their values.

Today millions made a clear statement of unity. Everyone came together to stand against violence and terrorism.

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